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The Genuine Men’s Chat is a project to bring greater awareness around men’s emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and overall health. As a Transformational Personal and Professional Relationship Coach, I work with lots of men, empowering them to be Genuine Men in all aspects of their lives. I’m inspired to balance the "playing field" between men and women in all aspects of their lives. What's the "playing field," you ask? Let's look at some examples:

While women often seek help and support, men often do not.


While women often openly show deeper levels of emotions, men often do not.

While women often take time to improve and enhance their relationships, men often do not.

While women often express vulnerability as a strength when connecting with others, men often do not

This is my way of garnering more attention around this sensitive topic while also giving back to

The Men’s Health movement in 2020.

We Have Launched

A show that expresses the often-unheard honest views of men from various backgrounds, cultures, religions, and life experiences. It’s also a rare opportunity for men to have a platform to express their views, thoughts, perspectives, and obstacles in life with other men on topics that impact them, their families, their community and society as a whole. It’s an unfiltered and unadulterated look at what life is like from a man’s perspective.

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Host A 'Genuine Men's Chat' Screening Workshop

Support the Genuine Men's Movement

by hosting a workshop of the Genuine Men's Chat show in your community, team or organisation, with both boys and girls or men and women, to address topics like:

  • Masculinity

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Family & Friendships

  • Relationships

  • Gender Dynamics

  • Faith

... just to name a few.


With the right screening resources, you can arrange a workshop in a few easy steps.

Contact us to schedule your workshop.

Total Running Time: 90 minutes