What Kind of Parent are you ...​

To yourself?


To your Child/REN?

Parent to my child/ren, I understand.


Parent to myself? How's that, you may be thinking?


Well, think of it like this.


Our parents did the best that they could do with the knowledge, skills, experiences, wisdom and awareness that they had. They may have parented you in the same way they were previously parented, in the complete opposite way from the way they were parented or in a new and experimental way that may have or may not have worked.


Parents are not given a parenting manual once they have children.


Therefore, we all have experiences in our upbringing that linger with us without serving us to further our personal or professional development and without keeping us aligned with our goals.


It's never too late to re-parent yourself!


There's no better time than the present to invest in you, heal your inner child AND parent your child/ren.

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