What Kind Of Man Are You?

Are You An Everyday Man Who ...

... is constantly wearing a  mask around others without ever sharing

  • your TRUE feelings,      

  • your TRUE thoughts or

  • your TRUE viewpoints?

Are you an Everyday Man who ...

... is constantly communicating superficially with others to avoid feeling "less than" or "not enough" or anything deeply that could bring up other forms of insecurity

Are you an Everyday Man who ...

... is constantly maintaining a self-imposed silence simply saying,

"I got this"

(the facade of believing "I can fix this on my own")

Are You An Everyday Man Who ...

... is constantly operating on autopilot 

  • meeting other people's wants and needs and not really investing in meeting your own

  • not really knowing who you really are, and

  • not really knowing what you stand for?

Are You An Everyday Man Who ...

... is constantly maintaining a self-imposed martyr mentality (putting others' needs first before your own)

... is constantly maintaining a self-imposed victim mentality to life or life's challenges

(fully convinced that life is not only beyond your control, but is also out to deliberately hurt you)

Are you an Everyday Man who ...

... is constantly following others even if it doesn't support your goals or values

(succumbing to peer pressure)


... is constantly going with the flow (lacking direction)

Are You An Everyday Man Who ...

... is constantly compromising on your morals, values, ethics, and integrity just to make your life easier or more manageable






What's The Difference Between

An Everyday Man  &  A Genuine man

An EveryDay Man

There are 3 barriers that keep you stuck in

your Everyday Man blueprint

(Mindset, Mental Health & Relationship)

A GenuiNe Man

There are 3 areas to get started on building

your Genuine Man blueprint

(Mindset, Mental Health & Relationship)

Mindset:  How do you speak to yourself inside of your head?

Cost: Propogate the negativity of your internal dialogue and unhealthy mindset making you more susceptible to the insecurities, limitations and sabotages you continue to struggle with or feel stuck by.

Benefit: Start to develop healthier internal dialogue and mindset and are not as susceptible to the insecurities, limitations and sabotages you once struggled. with or felt stuck by. 

Mental Health:  How do you deal with bumps or boulders in your way?

Cost: Have adopted some unhealthy vices and forms of self-punishment. Can not embrace many aspects of who you are and can not see possibilities and opportunities for growth because you do not know what you want, do not know why you continue to adopt these unhealthy vices and forms of self-punishment and do not know how to create change in your life because of the false belief that 'the costs of change is too high'.  Do not ask for help or support.

Benefit: Are aware of unhealthy vices and have begun the process of purging them. Are aware of the forms of self-punishment, have begun. the process of understanding their triggers and are replacing them with healthier alternatives. Can. embrace all aspects of who you are and can see possibilities and opportunities for growth because you know where. you are, you know what you want and you know where you want to go to achieve it. Believe change is healthy. Do ask for help and support.

Responsibility:  How do you enter your relationships?

Cost: Enter into your relationships unconsciously, without a clear purpose and from a distracted sense of self.

Benefit: Enter into your relationships consciously, with a clear purpose and from a centred sense of self.

What If You Could Transform Yourself

And Your Relationships

In Just 12 Weeks?

Instead of staying

stuck and unsatisfied ...

Join Transform You Now's

Genuine Men's family and

embark on your personal transformational journey with other Genuine Men in training who are transforming themselves and

their relationships!

... embrace the tide and

welcome the transformation 

My Promise 

You can transform yourself with confidence and authenticity.

Are you Ready to ...

  • review your internal scripts

      (of what you must, should, have to be)

  • overcome your external pressures

  • create a stage within your daily life for your genuine voice to finally be heard (without shame, fear, guilt, judgment or regret)?

  • be the genuine you with:​

    • your  self

    • your  partner

    • your  child/ren

    • your  family

    • your  friends

  • define what it means for you to be a

      "Genuine Man"?

WAnt to be A Genuine  Man? 

A Genuine Man Who ...

... is in tune with:

  • his genuine voice

  • his genuine emotions

  • his genuine needs and how to fulfill them

... has shed his martyrdom and victimhood mindsets

A Genuine Man Who ... 

... can take off the mask of "everything is okay"

... can ask others for support

... can use vulnerability as a strength

... is confident being a follower when it is aligned with his own values, morals, ethics and integrity

... is confident being a leader to create awareness and change

... is aware of the presence of his old masks and his misuse of silence and is equipped to not fall prey to them

... is comfortable enough with himself to be vulnerable

A Genuine Man Who ...

... would never compromise on his morals, values, ethics and integrity just to make his life easier or more manageable

... would never compromise on his own self-care

A Genuine Man Who ... 

... communicates deeply and genuinely with others without  feeling "not enough", "less than" or other insecurities

... sets clear boundaries and knows how to get his needs met

Want to be this man?

This Is How I Can Guide Your Transformation

The "Walk"

This package is a "walk" at your own pace entailing the basic course material, a PDF and background resources.

The "Jog"

This package is a consistent "jog" entailing The "Walk" and is supplemented by additional course material and an interactive FB group.

The "Sprint"

This package is a supercharged "sprint" entailing of The "Jog" and is supplemented by 1-on-1 sessions, an interactive FB group and complementary calls to ensure you are thriving and your progress is consistent with your goals.

The "Bespoke"

This package is completely "bespoke" entailing all 1-on-1 private sessions and completely customised to your needs, pace and goals.


Let me introduce myself.

I'm a Transformational Coach.

Consider me your Agent-of-Change.

About Me

For over 20 years, I’ve developed a vast multi-disciplinary toolkit of skills:

  • Cross-cultural Conflict Resolution Consultant

  • Conflict Resolution Coach and Team-Building Trainer

  • Relationship Coach

  • Genuine Men & Genuine Women's Coach and Trainer

  • Genuine Couples & Genuine Family's Coach and Trainer

  • Transformational Personal & Professional Life Coach

  • Leadership Coach and Trainer

  • Mindset Coach and Trainer

  • Family & Peer Mentor Mediator and Trainer

  • Programme Facilitator

  • Radio Show Host
  • Speaker

My Mission

I am your Agent-of-Change, your sidekick, encourager, challenger and accountability partner.  My mission is to challenge you to break-free from your everyday struggles, become a better version of yourself and live a fulfilling life that you love. You can always count on me to be your Agent-of-Change working towards achieving your desired outcomes.

Does this sound like you?








Now is the time to invest in you

"Nothing happens until

the pain of remaining the same

outweighs the pain of change."

~ Arthur Burt

"A man must be,

big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them."

~ John C. Maxwell

This is how I can guide your


The "Walk"

One-off payment

The "Jog"

One-off payment

+ add-ons

The "Sprint"

Monthly payments

The "Bespoke"

Completely customised to your needs, pace and goals.

Fearing change is normal!

There is hope!

There is a solution!

Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure 

or unfulfilled.

Let me guide you to learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your personal, professional and relationship goals and transformation.

Isn't it about time you invest in you!

Ready To transform




Contact me today to learn how

I can guide you onto the unique path that is meant for you.

I want to empower you to uncover the answers that lay within you.

There's never a better time than the present to ensure

you invest in your own transformation.

What are you waiting for?