Is Mindset Coaching for you?

If you want to stop gambling  and  if you are 11 years or older ...


Are you always itching to gamble? Have an app for online gambling that you use daily? Fraught with gambling debts?

Want to stop this cycle fast? 

You are NOT alone!
Join countless others whom have stopped all forms of gambling
by engaging in mindset-coaching techniques
that produce fast results.



"I love taking risks.

I've done so many risky things in my life and by far, gambling was the most risky of them all.

I loved the thrill of winning.

When I was high, I was flying.

I hated the pain of losing.

When I was low, I was drowning.

My biggest problem was that I couldn't the charade.

I needed help, fast!

  Reham was wonderful. She didn't judge, guilt-trip or shame me. I felt safe to disclose my burdens with her and I knew she was there to guide me to my salvation. I have finally paid off my last gambling debt and know I will never go back to the nor be tempted to gamble in any form again."


"I'm a casino man.

I love the flashing lights, the women, the image, the lifestyle and especially the money.

I hate the debts, the loan sharks, the bad credit, the ended marriages and the broken person I have come to be.

I started working with Reham to overcome my gambling problem. I came out a different man, and I'm better for it. She could see straight through my poker face, my sheepish grin and my smooth words. She knows how to work with men in a way others don't. I'm proud to be a part of TYN's Genuine Man family."


"I was an undercover mobile gambler, or so I thought. My wife said I had to make a decision, stop gambling or stop coming home to her and the kids. She gave me Reham's information.

Reham was clear from the moment I started working with her. She gave 100% in our sessions. She also expected I give 100% too. I have to say I tested her several times. I know I don't trust easily. Each time she would call me on it and ask me how was that serving me, today? I learned a lot about myself, the real reasons why I was hiding my gambling addiction from my wife and how I didn't even know my own inner strength. I would strongly recommend Reham to anyone, even without a gambling addiction, to take a walk with Reham on this journey called life. What you find may surprise you  but it's 100% worth it."

Mindset coaching is definitely for you!