Is Mindset Coaching for you?

If you want to overcome dyslexia  and  if you are 11 years or older ...
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Are you or anyone you know battling  dyslexia? Struggling to learn the names and sounds of letters? Experiencing poor spelling or unable to read aloud? Grappling with deadlines? .

You are NOT alone!
Join countless others whom have learned to read and write proficiently, 
by engaging in mindset-coaching techniques
that produce fast results.



"I was diagnosed with dyslexia and was placed in a different team than the one I started out with. Everyone knows the blue team is the smart team. I knew I was smart but my grades weren't reflecting it. I just couldn't stop the letters from moving around when I tried to read them. Instead, I used to draw pictures of what my teacher would say and that would be my way of learning the material. That worked well for me until exam time came and I just couldn't read the questions. So, my teacher would put me in a different room with the aid and the aid would read me the questions and I would answer it in pictures then read it to the aid who would then capture my answer into words. It quickly became known around school that I had 'special needs' and I was constantly bullied for it. The aid gave my mum Reham's information. I'm thankfully to have been referred to Reham. She understood my struggle and turned learning how to read into a fun game. She built on my method of picture making and guided me to link them to colours and letters they represented. I'm so grateful for all that Reham has done for me."


"I hated school. They would make me read but the all of the letters kept dancing around. I always told my mum I hated reading but loved stories. So, every night she'd read me a chapter of a book I had chosen. When I come home from work, I give my mum my homework and she records it for me on an audio file. After dinner, I go into my room and record my answers to my homework for my teacher. Every weekend, my mum reads my school books and records them for me as audio files. I then review the audio files in order to study for my exams. I've developed quite an ability to memorise. My mum came across Reham's advert and called her to see if there was anything she could assist us with. She introduced me to new learning and reading techniques. 

Now, I can read the title of my new library book and I have a feeling this book is going to be my favourite!" 


"I wish I knew I was dyslexic when I was in school. I was always told I had a learning disability and was stigmatised my entire time in school for it. I didn't like reading like the other kids. I didn't even like school. I was always bored because I learned the material quickly but was frustrated translating my learning into words in a way that would represent my comprehension in the subject matter. I came across Reham's services and was calling her for a primary schooler in my family. I was dumbfounded to know that I too could overcome my dyslexia even as an adult. I practiced the techniques Reham suggested, really worked hard to implant her suggestions and day by day I'm reading with more ease and writing with less spelling mistakes. Now, I can even leave my family and friends text messages, not just be limited to voice messages! Thank you!"

Mindset coaching is definitely for you!