Is Mindset Coaching for you?

If you experience anger  and  if you are 11 years or older ...


Do you want to get a handle on your anger? Does your anger control you or even harm you when it gets expressed in unhealthy ways towards yourself or others?

You are NOT alone!
Join countless others whom have overcome their anger 
by engaging in mindset-coaching techniques
that produce fast results.



"I grew up in a home where my dad was an alcoholic and my mum was depressed. I found myself fending for myself and realising the only way to survive was to fight for what I want. I used force to achieve my goals.   One day that way of life caught up with me and I got in trouble with the law. I had to change.

I got in touch with Reham and starting coaching sessions with her. Not only was I able to overcome my deep rooted rage and anger from countless years of fending for myself, I learn so much about how I define myself as a man, my definition of vulnerability and empathy and most importantly about my definition of my masculinity. I am proud to say that I have learned healthy ways to communicate my anger, am aware of my triggers and have been a part of her

TYN Genuine Man project,

giving men back their dignity, honour, courage and voice to be who they are at their core."


"As a mum of 4 I have been at my wtt's end when it comes to raising my children. I have to admit that I have even resorted to threatening and hitting my children into obedience.

One day I woke up and realised my children fear me more than love me. I was reminded of how I grew up and had long ago vowed not to repeat history. Gutted that I was no longer in control of myself and my emotions I contacted Reham. Through our coaching sessions, Reham guided me to a profoundly new perspective on parenting and how I can choose who I am at any given moment. How I do not need to live with limiting beliefs about myself. That I can rewrite my internal scripts and guide my children to do the same. Most importantly, how I was my own worst enemy and I finally learned the value of self-compassion and self-care. Reham, you saved my family from me and me from my history. You were a breath of fresh air in a life of mustiness!"


"I have come to learn that I am a passive-aggressive angry manager as my staff mutter relentless under their breath. I don't care about making friends at work. My only concern is getting tasked done and goals met. Recently, several of my staff have filed grievances against me. I was referred to Reham.

At first, very resistant to working with her. what would she know about my work performance? To my surprise, Reham didn't talk about my work performance nor about my grievance. She merely talked about what I chose as a topic for our sessions. She was skilful and sharp. She called me out whenever necessary. After a few sessions I thought I'd bring up the grievance against me. She approached it as she would any other topic I had previously chosen. She was neutral. I greatly appreciated that. For the first time in a very long time I felt heard. I learned new healthy approaches to expressing myself and my expectations of others. I also learned that I was more anger at myself than anyone else. I continue to work with Reham and have even referred some of my staff to her to ensure we can all work together as a team. Thank you for saving me from myself and from potentially being made redundant."

Mindset coaching is definitely for you!